Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Were's are Here

Mystery and variety are important elements in making a happy girl. One of life's little mysteries, my friends, is how yours truly manages to share a brain and writing world with another writer by the name of Jacqueline Roth. Don't ask, it has to do with symbiotic life forms, multiple personalities and the desire to avoid explaining Romantica to angry parents.

So if from time to time another mind seems to take over here, just go with the flow. It's easier than fighting it...or trying to make sense of it.

The upcoming Mating Stone and Lovers' Stone both reveal a world around us where shifters who have tied themselves to our world live along side us. This is the same world you will find introduced in the Cerridwen Press release Measure of Healing by Jacqueline Roth.

Release day for Measure of Healing is here!

I'm very excited and evidently so is Mother Nature. We've had our first trackable snow in Atlanta, GA in 4 years. Trackable snow means it's sufficient in amount on the ground that you could see a rabbit's tracks. What a great treat for this winter missing Northern girl! That or Mother Nature was trying to make our current setting look more like the mountains on the cover.

I think you're going to like Alejandro Ramirez. Alej is a tough-ass, motorcycle riding, works with his hands kinda guy. He also happens to only be half human. The other half is Were. Were-Cougar to be exact. Not usually the warm fuzzy family type, Alej finds his Cougar instincts constantly at war with his human side, especially the one cultivated by the loving human family that takes him in when his Cougar mother throws him out.

Dr. Gabriela St. Jerome is a strong-willed woman who doesn't want anything to do with Alej. It's not that she doesn't think he's a nice guy, he probably is. But he's exactly the kind of man who will get her dead. Very dead.

Add an injured child that one fiercely protects and that the other can heal and you force these two adults to deal with their fears, prejudices and passions.

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